ConQAT end of life

ConQAT was designed as a toolkit for rapid development and execution of software quality analyses. We started it as a vehicle for performing research on automated software quality analysis back in 2005 at TUM and it also was one of the corner stones of CQSE when we started the company in 2009.

From the experience gained from the development of ConQAT and lots of consulting projects, we developed the software intelligence platform Teamscale. While Teamscale grew, development time for ConQAT was reduced more and more. As we strongly believe that Teamscale is the superior tool, we finally decided to stop the remaining last bits of ConQAT development and focus all our resources on improving Teamscale. If you used ConQAT in the past, we would like to ask you to give Teamscale a try.

We would like to thank everyone for using and contributing to ConQAT over the years. We would love to continue this exciting journey towards higher quality software with all of you.

Old Downloads

If you still need ConQAT binaries or want to have a look at the source code, the following links provide you with the latest version of ConQAT. All of the ConQAT source code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.