Teamscale license pricing

Teamscale supports your team to analyze, monitor, and improve the quality of your software.

All in one - Teamscale license pricing

You can license Teamscale from monthly 550€ already and choose freely between running in our cloud or on your own servers.

All analyses, features & integrations
Support for all roles
Cloud hosting
License for use on-premises
How many users do you have?
110 € / User
up to
5 Users
up to
20 Users
up to
50 Users
up to
75 Users
up to
100 Users

More than 100 users? Please contact for a quote.

6,600 € / Year
Annual payment


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You charge for users. What is a user?

A user is both an active named user logging into the Teamscale UI or using the REST API, and a developer whose code is analyzed by Teamscale (called committer). As active users and committers will typically overlap a lot, we count both separately and use the maximum of both numbers as the user count. Additionally, we only count users or committers that have been active during the last 90 days. So if you had users who tried Teamscale but did not stick with the tool, they will not affect your license cost.

What happens if I exceed the user limit?

To enable flexible growth of your teams when using Teamscale, we apply a soft user limit. If you exceed the licensed user limit, a warning will be shown to administrators of your Teamscale instance. All those users may still work with Teamscale, but you should keep in mind that we will apply the higher user count when calculating the price for the next licensing period. If you exceed twice the user limit, we will display a prominent warning to all users of your instance. In this case, Teamscale will continue to work, but we expect you to get in touch with our sales team to get a license upgrade.

Does Teamscale run in the cloud or do I have to provide my own hardware?

The license comes with a SaaS version of Teamscale that we run in our cloud. If Saas is not an option for you, you can also install Teamscale on-premise for full integration into your corporate network. If you use both Saas and on-premise installations, the user limit applies to the union of all the instances.

Can I install Teamscale on my own servers?

Absolutely. If Saas is not an option for you, you can also install Teamscale on-premise for full integration into your corporate network.
The license allows you to install Teamscale on as many servers as you want, as long as the overall user limit is respected. If you need help with the installation and operation on your own hardware, contact us for more information about our professional operations services.

Is there a discount for Open Source projects and academic users?

Yes. Open Source projects and academic users, including students and research groups, can get a free license for Teamscale. Please contact us at for details.