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We believe that software quality is a joint effort of all who contribute to the process and should be driven by data.

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Problem Solving
How Teams use Teamscale
Write better code
As developers, static code analysis gives us valuable feedback to improve correctness, security, comprehensibility and other quality aspects in our codebase. Teamscale provides 10,000+ checks for 30+ programming languages to provide you with all relevant analyses you need.
Leave the campground cleaner

As developers, we never get enough time to improve code quality after the fact. Therefore, we need feedback while writing or reviewing the code. Teamscale analyzes your changes in seconds and provides feedback precisely on the code you are working on.

Keep your workflow

Hopping back and forth between different tools is annoying and kills productivity. Thus, Teamscale provides you with all relevant data right where you work: in your IDE, your merge requests and your issue tracker.

Grow your unit test suite

As developers, we need fast feedback from a safety net of unit tests. Teamscale helps you to grow these test suites on the go while focussing on writing tests specifically for the changes you perform anyway.

Powerful Static
Code Analyses
Fast and Personal Feedback
Seamless Workflow Integration
Test Gap Analysis
Find more bugs

As testers, we are responsible for pruning bugs from our software system before each release. Since we cannot test everything all the time, we focus on what changed. Teamscale helps you ensure you covered all the changes, which may reduce the number of bugs by 50%!

Find bugs faster

As testers, we aim to identify bugs as early as possible, to allow for time to fix them. With ever growing software systems and ever shortening release cycles, however, it gets harder and harder to be fast enough. Teamscale speeds you up, by pointing out the most relevant tests that may find 90% of the bugs in 2% of the time!

Verify your requirements

As testers, we ensure that our software system fulfills the requirements. But since change is the only constant, how do we maintain the link between requirements, code and tests? And how can we ensure they fit together? Teamscale automatically establishes these links for you!

Test Gap Analysis
Test Selection
Test Smell Analysis
Requirements Tracing
Drive by data, not gut feeling

As software managers, we ensure that development teams produce high-quality software. However, clear actionable information is usually missing, which leads to poor decisions. Teamscale shows you what’s really going on in all development artifacts: the code, tests, architecture, requirements and tickets. Achieve transparency through data. Manage with insights.

Control your entire tech stack

As software managers, we are responsible for entire software systems, across technological boundaries. This is next to impossible, if we need a different tool for each technology. Teamscale analyzes everything under a unified quality model, so you remain in control, whether your teams are developing business systems in Java, C#, Go or Python, embedded software in C/C++ or Simulink or customizing an SAP system.

Enjoy a holistic view
To ship successful software, we software managers look at many quality aspects:
  • right and precise requirements,
  • a suitable architecture,
  • high code quality and
  • fast and effective test suites.

Lack of quality may bite us with respect to correctness, maintainability, security, performance, and many other dimensions. Teamscale gives you a handle on the whole sphere and helps you see the big picture.

Unified Quality Model
Dashboards, Visualization and KPIs
Easy to Use
 Reporting Framework
Seamless Workflow Integration

How we support teams

Teamscale is more than just a code checker, it is a Software Intelligence platform.
Test Gap Analysis
Find more defects

Untested changes bear a severe risk for defects. Cover Test Gaps with Teamscale before they cause damage, which may reduce defects by 50%.

Test Selection
Find defects faster

Find defects in a fraction of time and safeguard expensive testing resources using Teamscale’s Test Impact Analysis or Pareto Testing.

Foster transparency

Develop software in a data-driven way, providing the whole team with metrics, visualizations and insights on quality aspects of requirements, architecture, code, tests and more.

Incremental Code Analyses
Get feedback on code quality

Write code that is correct, secure and maintainable by receiving instant feedback from Teamscale while programming or reviewing code. 

Requirements Analysis
Enjoy unambiguous requirements

Teamscale’s advanced natural-language processing ensures requirements are of high quality.

Requirements Tracing
Verify all requirements

Teamscale automatically generates verification matrices to spot requirements that are lacking successful tests.

Holistic Analyses
Ensure quality everywhere

Analyses bring best value, if they are performed on the code under development. Therefore, Teamscale analyzes all commits on all branches and even the changes in your IDE. In real-time.

Architecture Conformance Analysis
Avoid architectural drift

Teamscale continuously checks whether the code conforms to your architecture, to safeguard everyone from introducing architecture violations.

Code Clone Management
Prevent copy & paste & defect

Teamscale not only detects copies in source code, but also actively warns, in case copies are inconsistently modified.

Workflow Integration
Data quality where you need it

Teamscale actively pushed quality data (code findings, test gaps, impacted requirements) to where this data is useful: Into merge requests, into the IDEs, into issue trackers.


Supported technologies

Teamscale supports and integrates with many other systems, tools and formats.
All products listed are trademarks of their respective owners and mentioned for informational purpose only.

Programming Languages

Teamscale can analyze 30+ programming languages, including Java, C#, C, C++, JavaScript, Simulink/Stateflow and ABAP.

Code Repositories

Teamscale monitors code changes in your repository and updates the quality status immediately. It supports Git, Subversion (SVN) and Azure DevOps (TFS) as well as your favorite code collaboration platforms, such as GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps.

Code Collaboration Platforms

Teamscale integrates with your favorite code collaboration platform, to monitor changes in your code repositories and to inject quality feedback into merge requests, pull requests and code reviews.


Teamscale seamlessly integrates into popular IDEs and displays quality issues directly in your code editor. It natively supports the IntelliJ family, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse and QT Creator. Other IDEs may integrate via our Command Line Client.

Issue Trackers

Teamscale aggregates code changes in the context of tickets and injects quality feedback right into your work management process. It integrates with widespread tools, such as Jira, Azure DevOps Boards and GitHub Issues.

Requirements Management Tools

Teamscale links your requirements, code and tests for agile requirements tracing. To this end, it connects to your requirements management tool.

User Management

Teamscale docks with your existing user management, so you can reuse your users and groups. But, of course, you may use its build-in user management, too.

Artifact Storages

Teamscale connects to your storage system to fetch data, such as code coverage, test results or 3rd-party analysis reports for analysis.

Test Frameworks

Teamscale automatically detects tests in your source code. It supports many common test frameworks, such as JUnit, pytest, Google Test and NUnit.

Coverage Profilers

Teamscale understands code coverage in any common format and granularity, including Cobertura, Bullseye, gcov/lcov and Jacoco and many more!

Static Analysis Tools

Teamscale understands many other static analysis tools, such as Findbugs, ESLint, Clang-Tidy, Pylint, sonarlint and many others, so you may bring all your existing analysis configurations into one central place.

A pile of academic publications

Research & Talks

Our quality experts are renown speakers at international conferences and leaders in scientific research. Take advantage of this strong academic background.



Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Why is Teamscale different?

You need both a tool and a process to ensure quality in a software system. That's why Teamscale embraces all the best practices our experts carved out in years of introducing and supporting quality processes with our customers across all industries.

Who is Teamscale for?

Quality is a whole-team concern. That's why Teamscale supports developers, testers, managers, requirements engineers and many others roles, with a focus on effective collaboration.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, there's a free trial. Download your evaluation license now or talk to our team!

Our reference customers are leading companies from various domains
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Hardware & Software
  • Energy & Engineering
  • Secure Content Collaboration
Quality Control at VKB

Versicherungskammer Bayern is a German insurance company with huge test suites, safeguarding their applications. Together with VKB, we established Continuous Quality Control.

Software Audit for Basler

Basler Insurance wanted to gain transparency about the current quality of their code. We provided this through a Software Audit and gave actionable recommendations to work on code quality in a structured and long-lasting way.

Quality Control and TGA at Munich RE

Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies, has a large need for software development, for which they rely on flexible sourcing. Together, we established Continuous Quality Control and Test Gap Analysis.

Quality Control and Software Audits at LV 1871

LV 1871 is an insurance company that specialises in innovative permanent disability insurance, life insurance and pension insurance. We analyzed their systems in Software Audits and established Continuous Quality Control together.

Health Care
Software Audit at azh

azh Abrechnungs- und IT-Dienstleistungszentrum für Heilberufe GmbH is one of the largest providers for IT- services for professional health care providers in Germany. We assessed sustainability with a Software Audit.

Teamscale at medatixx

Medatixx provides software for medical practice and ambulatory healthcare centers. Teamscale helps them keep their code neat and clean.

Software Audit at Knorr-Bremse

Knorr-Bremse is a manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles. To gain transparency about the code quality, we analyzed their systems in a Software Audit and gave actionable recommendations to work on it.

Quality Analysis at MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Truck & Bus is an international provider of commercial vehicles and transport solutions. Together, we automated monitoring of several quality criteria for TargetLink models, based on a custom quality model.

Quality Control at BMW

BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle & engine manufacturing company. For engineering safety-critical systems high code quality is indispensable. Together, we established a Quality Control process & Static Code Analyses.

Static Code Analysis at Thales

Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets. Together we established Static Code Analysis.

Development-Process Audit at Cassidian

Cassidian is the defence and security division of the EADS group. We provided transparency about their development process with a Software Audit and gave actionable recommendations.

Software Audit at Lufthansa

Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe. We provided transparency about the current code quality with a Software Audit and gave actionable recommendations.

Hardware & Software
Teamscale at Tebis

Tebis AG is a leading global provider of CAD/CAM and MES software. Teamscale’s analyses help ensure highest quality to construct, plan and manufacture models, molds and dies efficiently and safely.

Software Audit at Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf is a German corporation that provides retail and retail banking hardware, software, and services. We provided transparency about the current code quality with a Software Audit and gave actionable recommendations.

Software Audit at DATEV

DATEV is a technical information services provider for tax, accountant and attorneys. Working with sensitive data, DATEV wanted to assure the future-proofness of their system with a Software Audit.

Software Audit at Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a multinational information technology equipment and services company. We provided transparency about the current code quality with a Software Audit and gave actionable recommendations.

Energy & Engineering
Static Code Analysis at ABB

ABB is a multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, operating in robotics and mainly in the power and automation technology areas. Together with ABB, we established Static Code Analysis.

Teamscale at Seidenader

Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH is a manufacturer of machines for the pharmaceutical industry. We provided transparency about the current quality of their code and established Static Code Analysis.

Static Code Analysis at Siemens

The Smart Infrastructure Digital Grid department of Siemens AG develops a grid control system for medium-voltage and high-voltage range. With Continuous Quality Control they maintain their code and keep high quality.

Audit and Quality Control at EnBW

EnBW is a publicly traded electric utilities company headquartered in Germany. To keep their code quality on a high level, we analyzed their systems in a Software Audit and established Continuous Quality Control together.

Quality Control at SWM

Stadtwerke München GmbH (Munich City Utilities) is a German communal company, which offers public services for the city and the region of Munich. Together with SWM, we established Continuous Quality Control.

Secure Content Collaboration
Software Audit at Uniscon

As a subsidiary of TÜV SÜD, Uniscon GmbH develops the product idgard: secure cloud solutions for highest demands. Uniscon wanted to assure the future-proofness of their system and address technical debts through a Software Audit.

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