Welcome to the CQSE Blog on Software Quality

During our daily work as consultants for software quality, as auditors of different kinds of software systems and in our role as quality engineers in software engineering projects, we have the opportunity to see a large variety of software development organizations. We encounter a huge amount of different systems from different domains, written in different languages and using various technologies. But most importantly, we talk to many many people that face the challenge of developing and maintaining software day by day. As a result, we receive a big treasure of experiences, insights, anecdotes and war stories on how to (and how better not to) develop software.

To carry our lessons-learned from our coffee breaks to a bigger audience, we decided to launch this blog. We will publish small articles that discuss different aspects in the field of software quality. We will share selected opinions and experiences gained in our work with our customers and write about research activities and publications. Furthermore, we will present new features and analyses we implement in our tools Teamscale and ConQAT.

We hope that our readers share our discussions during their coffee breaks and look forward to receiving comments and feedback.