Drive software quality by data and in a joint effort of all contributors – using our Software Intelligence platform Teamscale.

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Engineer better software with Teamscale

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Deliver Better Code

Write your best code, with immediate, personal quality feedback. Teamscale empowers the scout in you, so you always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.

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Find More Defects Faster

Know what changed since your last test, run only the tests that matter, and tie it all back to your requirements. Teamscale gives you all the facts you need for excellent software testing.

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Know Where You Stand

Clarify your software system’s current quality and future-proofness for both your team and yourself. Using Teamscale, we provide transparency through an objective assessment.

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Monitor and Steer Quality

Drive by data, not gut feeling. Teamscale shows you quality metrics and trends, test status, architecture conformity, security issues and more, for individual products or entire portfolios.

Help to Help Yourselves
Experience a broad range of analysis and insights
  • Code Quality Analyses
  • Test Intelligence
  • Requirement Analyses
  • Workflow Integrations
Code Quality Analyses
Fast and personal quality feedback
Architecture conformity
Clone Management
Workflow integration
Test Intelligence
Test Gap Analysis
Test Selection
Requirements Tracing
Test Smell Analyses
Requirement Analyses
Precise language
Structural integrity
Workflow Integrations
Code Collaboration Platforms / MRs / PRs
Issue Trackers
Requirements Management Tools
Dashboards / Reporting

Why is Teamscale different?

Teamscale is powered by Software Intelligence, a data-driven approach to high-quality software development.

Software Intelligence and Teamscale
Software Intelligence combines data from various sources in the software-development process, such as your code repositories, your issue tracker and your requirements management platform, to give you unique insights and answer your burning questions.
Software Intelligence is the concept. Teamscale implements it.
Answer the relevant questions

Teamscale combines and analyzes the data you already produce in your development process to provide the insights you need.

Get immediate feedback

Teamscale provides you with feedback when you need it. Not days, weeks or even months down the road.

Know the next steps

Teamscale provides actionable feedback that helps you engineer better software.

Tie it all together

Teamscale tightly integrates into your development process, to help you stay on the track at all time.

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Research driven approach

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of Technical University Munich (TUM), we emphasize thorough, study-hardened solutions to the day.

Experts on board

We hire the best to help you get started and keep you running.

First-class support

Our support comes from experienced software engineers and data-analysis experts. We'll patch you through directly.

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What our customers say

Our customers care about the quality of their software.

As a software developer, I have constantly been searching for tools that help me deliver high-quality code, while ensuring both quality and security of my applications. Since discovering Teamscale and CQSE, my development process has improved significantly. I wholeheartedly recommend them to both individuals and teams looking for an effective solution to improve code quality and security.

— Patrick Döring
Lead Software Engineer, ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions
Patrick Döring_Testimonial

Teamscale makes the current state of our software transparent and visualizes technical debt, for example, through treemaps. This enables entirely new possibilities for discussing software and communicating with the people involved. Seeing these improvements directly and long term is absolutely motivating!

— Ben Weisheit
Lead Developer, Netze BW GmbH
Ben Weisheit_Netze BW

We commissioned CQSE with a Software Audit to get a proper overview of technical debts and to assess the future-proofness of our software. At first, our team was concerned about having to spend a lot of time with the Audit. This proofed unnecessary, however, since CQSE planned the process very well and used our employees’ time efficiently and responsibly in purposeful workshops. Moreover, the auditors considered our team’s expertise in their assessment and pointed out positive aspects in the results. This made us particularly happy and motivated us to further improve the future-proofness of our software.

— Dr. Sebastian Eder
Director of Engineering, idgard | uniscon GmbH

The Teamscale support is amazing! We always get answers and solutions very quickly and even new ideas about what we could configure differently to make things run even better. I am absolutely pleased.

— Andreas Berger
Team Lead Systemtests, Rational AG
Andreas Berger_website testimonial

We’ve been using Teamscale since 2018 to ensure and improve the quality of our code. When I recently sent a feature request to the Teamscale Support, I was delighted to receive an answer by a human right away, instead of the usual automated response. Already before the following release, I got notified that the feature was implemented and would be released  the next day. I am pleased by the swift implementation and the personal way of communication. I feel highly valued as a customer and can only recommend working with CQSE.

— Christoph Ranalter
Division Lead R&D Automation, Felder KG
Christoph Ranalter

The software audit pointed out concrete examples of actual risks and threats. This was an essential milestone for all stakeholders to agree on that we should start investing money into the future of this strategically important software system.

— Li Yang Wu
IT Consultant, dmTECH GmbH
Li Yang-Wu

Teamscale is essential for us to judge whether and how to continue developing our software systems, which makes it an integral part of our IT strategy with respect to legacy systems. For this purpose, Teamscale's broad feature set is especially helpful.

— Michael Repplinger
Technical Computer Science, AG Dillinger Hüttenwerke

Teamscale enables us to gain an overview of our code quality and to monitor compliance with our coding rules – with little effort. Teamscale’s elegant integration into Azure DevOps Pull Requests is key here.

— Stefan Hugen
System and Software Architect, Storz Medical AG
Stefan Hugen

Teamscale motivates us to reduce technical debt.

— Dr. Uwe Henker
Head of Department Software Development, medatixx GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Uwe Henker

Due to its wide range of functions, Teamscale integrates seamlessly into our DevOps infrastructure. For us it is the optimal platform for the development of high-quality and long-lasting software systems.

— Stefan Winkler
Solution Consultant, Salzgitter Digital Solutions GmbH
Stefan Winkler

Thanks to the brilliant visualization of the Test Gap Analysis, we draw much more value from the tests we run. Test Gap Analysis reveals untested changes on the run, which allows us to prevent remaining bugs early on.

— Stefan Hugen
System and Software Architect, Storz Medical AG
Stefan Hugen

With Teamscale we have a comprehensive software quality tool which allows all stakeholders to monitor and improve the software artifacts. The most important part is that the metrics and the process are really accepted inside the development teams

— Daniel Wiese
Chief Architect, Stadtwerke München GmbH

Teamscale enables us to meet our test-coverage goals. Only because Test Gaps are vizualized and, thereby, made transparent, we are able to craft additional tests with the necessary coverage.

— Dr. Stefan Staudt
Software Quality Manager, Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG
Stefan Staudt

Thank you for the professional and pleasant cooperation. Commissioning CQSE with the Software Due Diligence was the right decision for us.

— Hans Nömmer
Chief Technology Officer, znt Zentren für neue Technologien GmbH
Hans Nömmer

As a medium-sized company, we manage many IT tools with very limited resources. Therefore, we highly appreciate that CQSE hosts Teamscale for us. This works extremely well and allows us to focus on our core business. Questions about configuration, features etc. are always answered quickly and accurately.

— Stefan Hugen
System and Software Architect, Storz Medical AG
Stefan Hugen

Teamscale makes a valuable contribution to our weekly architecture gardening by uncovering deviations between our target architecture and the actual state, as well as by facilitating discussions.

— Dr. Stefan Boßung
Embedded Software Architect, Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA
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