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Help from Teamscale Customer Support

In December 2021, the entire IT world was in a state of turmoil due to the zero-day vulnerability in the Java logging framework Log4j when CQSE received the following e-mail from customer Storz Medical.


»Thank you very much for informing us and for reacting to the exploit so quickly. 
And the best thing is: All we have to do is take note of it and everything else has already been done. It doesn’t get much better!« 

Response to Teamscale updates carried out due to Log4j vulnerabilities


»At that time, we closed this security gap for Teamscale immediately and informed our customers about it«, recalls Lars Heinemann, Lead of the Support & Operations Team at CQSE. 

However, his team also reacts quickly when less dramatic issues arise: »In our contract, we guarantee our customers a reaction time of one working day. Usually, we are much faster and often react to tickets within only a few hours.« This is also something our customers have been delighted with: »Tickets were always processed very fast and targeted,« a happy Teamscale user wrote. 

»Always quick to provide a helpful answer,« another customer stated. Yet another customer said: »This is an example of how well things can go with a good supplier. Well done, CQSE!« Indeed! Every single ticket that was reviewed by our customers in the follow-up received the best rating: »Awesome!« How come? What makes Teamscale customer support exceptional? 

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that CQSE has not outsourced its support. Of our ten-person Support Team, all are (or were) active Teamscale developers themselves. Support requests don’t end up with some general hotline but directly in the hands of our technically versed colleagues that know all the details. 

»The advantage for our customers is that they receive competent help very quickly. Receiving unfiltered feedback is quite valuable for us. This helps us to adapt our product to our customers’ needs even more,« says Lars Heinemann. 

Whether they are dealing with bug reports, feature requests or questions – every day two of his team members are in charge of support requests. They rapidly tell the customer: ›We see your problem and are taking care of it.‹ What needs to be done in a particular case varies widely: »Often, we just end up explaining certain functions,« says Heinemann. »That means, how do I use something to reach a certain target. Or there’s something that doesn’t work in a certain environment. Then we will try to resolve the issue through remote support. Especially when more complex situations are concerned this is usually an effective way of finding the root cause of a problem.« 

Another colleague screens incoming tickets at regular intervals and checks whether any questions have remained unanswered. This ensures that no support request is overlooked. 

Looking to the future, the support team is very focused on the »cloud«. »The cloud helps us improve our customer support even more because our experts have direct access to the Teamscale instances via a standardized and appropriately secured infrastructure and can even proactively recognize monitoring problems,« explains Lars Heinemann.