Getting support for Teamscale made easy

Contacting customer support with a technical issue can feel like you are in a quiz show, with the support agent going through a list of standard questions. As you don’t know these questions, providing the information bit by bit can get very tedious.

You: Hello, customer support. The FooBar server is not running as expected. I’m getting errors when updating user information.

Customer Support: Hi, pleased to help you. Which version of the server are you running?

You: Version 17.5.33

Customer Support: Great. Maybe this is a configuration issue. Can you send me the configuration file?

You: Please find the file attached.

Customer Support: Hm, I don’t see anything suspicious. Can you send me the server log please.

You: Well, I could. But I don’t know where to find it.

Customer Support: Actually, there are 3 different logs. Best send all of them. The manual on page 538 explains where to find them.


Does this sound all too familiar to you? For Teamscale we implemented a simple tool to help you getting faster response from our customer support. Using the web UI, you can start the support request wizard by clicking on the corresponding item in the help menu located in the top right corner.

This tool allows you to describe you issue and automatically creates a ZIP file containing this description, information about your machine and operating system, the configuration and license you are using for the Teamscale instance, as well as the most recent log entries. All of this information is stored in clear text in the ZIP file, so you can check it for confidential information, in case you do not trust our export. For the same reason, we only provide the ZIP file for download and do not automatically send it to one of our servers. You can choose to either send it by mail or upload it to our support form.

While we hope, you never run into any issues when running Teamscale, using this tool helps us to provide solutions to your problems faster and with less effort on your side.