Video Summary of Teamscale's Core Features

Teamscale is our tool for continuous software quality control. It provides feedback about quality problems in real-time, allowing you to keep your software free of technical debt. To give you a better idea, how certain core features of Teamscale work in practice, we created a couple of short video clips that demonstrate Teamscale in action.

Clone Detection

The first video shows how we integrate clone detection and clone management in Teamscale and how the results are presented to the user. The management of quality deficits is not only limited to clones, but is applied similarly to all other deficits detected by Teamscale.

Architecture Conformity

Teamscale allows you to define the intended architecture and compare it to the actual dependencies in the source code of the system. Thanks to Teamscale’s real-time analysis, architecture violations can thus be found and addressed early.

Configurable Dashboards

Dashboards provide the core graphical representation of the quality status of your system. You can freely configure your personal dashboard and share it with your colleagues.


If you want to see more, we also have a live instance, allowing you to try and explore Teamscale on a couple of Open Source projects. To get started with the demo instance, best read our introduction post.