Writing down your goals makes it three times more likely that you achieve them.

No Findings

You hold yourself to the highest standards and accept not even a single quality issue in your
code. Kudos!

Go for this goal when you start fresh. Look below for realistic goals when you bring a legacy.

Quality Goals 1 No findings

No Findings in Changed Code

You are a scout to the bones and always leave
the campground cleaner than you found it. No quality issues left behind!

A realistic goal to improve a legacy system with a future. Look below for adequate goals when end
of life is in sight.

Quality Goals 2 No findings in changed code

No New Findings

You work hard to keep the current level. Don’t introduce new issues, but don’t waste time
cleaning up what’s been around longer than you yourself.

A fitting goal for systems in maintenance-only mode. Look below when end of life is scheduled.

Quality Goals 3 No new findings

Don’t Care

It’s not worth your time anymore, because your software has done its job. Do whatever got to be done, but don’t waste any time into a future that doesn’t exist.

Quality Goals_Dont care