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Teamscale supports your team to analyze, monitor, and improve the quality of your software.

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Technical Setup

Technical Setup

Integrating Teamscale into your infrastructure.

Teamscale needs access to many systems in your development infrastructure, such as code repositories, build artifacts, issue trackers or test environments. Roles and rights need to be defined carefully. And many times, collecting certain data, e.g., test coverage, needs to be set up from scratch.

Our experts have years of experience with these tasks and help you to get everything up and running in no time. On-premises, in the cloud, or even both!

Change Management

Change Management

Getting your team on board.

Not all team members are immediately convinced of new methods. Many times people have doubts, fear the methods might become a burden or are afraid that their work will be monitored. You need to take this serious and educate your people on how the new methods should be lived in practice and what effects are to be expected.
Our experts carefully coach all involved people in using Teamscale's analyses and get the best out of them. Benefit from them already knowing the answers to all the questions your team might have.



Getting your team up to speed.

Introducing Static Code Analysis, Test Gap Analysis, Requirements Tracing and other solutions is more than a technical challenge. All members of the development team need to understand how the analyses work and should be used in their day-to-day, to achieve the final success: Great software.

Our experts have successfully trained thousands of developers, architects, software managers and testers. Benefit from their knowledge and training experience!



Tailoring Teamscale to your needs.

After the initial setup of Teamscale, we work with a DRI from the development team to carefully configure the analyses. This ensures that everything matches your guidelines, fits the status of your codebase and differentiates application code, test code, generated code, 3rd-party code, and other types of code you distinguish.

Moreover, our experts prepare dashboards with relevant metrics and visualizations to help you get started without friction.



Everything you need to know about the Onboarding process. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Can the process be scaled up to a large number of teams?

Yes, we have experience onboarding entire organizations onto quality-control processes. Please talk to our experts, if you're interested!

Is the onboarding limited to certain technical domains?

No. We know the particularities of different technical domains and take them into account during the onboarding. In fact, it is even a strength of Teamscale that its analyses, quality model and quality process apply equally to all the different technologies in your portfolio.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.