Fast Feedback from Long-Running Tests
Fast Feedback from Long-Running Tests


As software systems grow, so does the number of their tests. As a result, we increasingly often encounter test suites that run hours or days, which is painfully slow. To get fast feedback about new bugs despite slow tests, we can run a subset of all tests more frequently. If this subset is chosen well, these tests identify most bugs very quickly.

This approach heavily depends on the selection of frequently-executed tests. We developed two different approaches for selection:

  • Test-Impact Analysis
  • Pareto Optimization

In this workshop, we first present the key ideas and research studies for both, and then demo them live in our analysis tool Teamscale.

Attendees' voices

»A very good presentation and live demo!«

»Already knew Pareto-Optimization by CQSE, the live demo was great for deeper understanding!«


  • Raphael Nömmer is a consultant for software quality at CQSE. He focused on software quality already during his computer science studies and addressed the topic of test minimization in his master's thesis. At CQSE, he supports clients in the implementation of our test selection approaches and researches optimization methods for regression testing in his doctoral thesis.
  • Stefan Brand is a consultant for software quality at CQSE. He focused his studies on IT security and software engineering. As part of the "Test Intelligence" team at CQSE, he advises and supports clients in the initial set-up and integration of Teamscale's test analyses into the daily workflow of users.
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