Test Gap Analysis
Test Gap Analysis
Reveal Untested Changes in Source Code

Most errors in long-lived software occur in code areas that change a lot. To do things right, you have to make sure that no important changes go live untested. Test Gap analysis helps us to find untested changes.

After an introduction to Test Gap analysis (TGA), hear what we learned using TGA with customers and in our own development for more than 10 years and discover the answers to the following questions: 

  • How do you assure the quality of hotfix tests? 
  • How do you determine during the iteration how thoroughly selected critical change requests or tickets have been tested?
  • How do you compare the test coverage of different test levels (unit test, integration test, acceptance test, user trampling test, etc.) and find changes that were not checked on any test level?

In addition, see best practices and useful KPIs in continuous use and the results of a cost-benefit analysis from many years of service at Munich Reinsurance Company. The workshop brings together several lectures that have received Best Presentation Awards at the German Testing Day, the Software Quality Days and the QS-Tag in recent years.


  • Test Gap analysis (TGA) in Research and Industrial Use
  • Live Demonstration
  • Benefit Analysis of TGA at Munich Reinsurance Company
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