Eine CI Pipeline unter 10 Minuten
A CI in less than 10 minutes
Eine CI Pipeline unter 10 Minuten

"In the 10 minutes all backends have to be built (...) you have Linux, Windows, Arm, 64bit (...) unit testing and tests" - Lars Kempe

Lars and his team have developed a concept for keeping the CI pipeline at Dolby under 10 minutes despite the constantly growing test suite. They rely on various automation tools that not only save time, but also minimize sources of error. Lars explained in detail how these various tools were integrated into their development process to create a seamless and automated workflow chain.

Lars began his professional career as an electrician, a job he held for eight years, including his apprenticeship. After further training in Dresden, through which he became a state-recognized technician and obtained a technical college entrance qualification, he moved to Nuremberg. There he began his career in the field of mobile communications technology as a system tester at Lucent Technologies. He then successfully completed his bachelor's degree and returned to the mobile communications sector, where he worked as a tool developer and tester. In 2011, he moved to Dolby, where he started as a tester and currently works as QA Lead in the automotive division.

Topics in the podcast

  • How it came about to keep the CI under 10 minutes
  • Structure of the CI pipeline
  • Different automation tools and why they are used
  • Test selection and coverage
  • How all this is integrated into the pipeline


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